Robert Fret from Woodmizer visited Mobile sawmill DAJK

Today (15. September 2016) was a special day for our Mobile sawmill DAJK company. We were honored and proud to be visited by none other than Mr. Robert Fret from Woodmizer Company. Robert is considered one of the leading technical experts and the coordinator at Woodmizer Company, for which it works more than 25 years. Robert has an outstanding technical expertise and knows every detail of the mobile sawmill. In addition to Robert, Mr. Sašo Jamnik, Slovenian representative, a technical expert also visited us.

While visiting Slovenia, Mr. Robert Fret decided to meet with Mobile sawmill DAJK (we considered to be youngest mobile sawmill “startup” in Slovenia) and talked with us a few hours about the technical characteristics and components of machines, our experience and our view for the possible improvements.

Without exaggeration, we can say that we immediately “caught” with Robert. From both sides it was generally felt enthusiasm for knowledge of mobile sawmill, components and techniques. Robert has contact with many clients all over the world. He added that he rarely meets customers who show such a great interest in the technique and have the desire to acquire new technical knowledge on every step. He was impressed how our LT20 sawmill was well maintained, cleaned and lubricated (by his words very pedantically).

Robert personally invited us to Woodmizer factory, where we will have a close look at the development department, production and of course the final assembly line. We gladly accepted his invitation and we can hardly wait to get to know also other members of the Woodmizer team, which currently cooperate with us over a distance (Mr. Jacob Money, etc.).

We would like to sincerely thank Robert Fret, one of the key men at Woodmizer Company, for visiting our company Mobile sawmill DAJK. His visit or visit of Woodmizer’s Company representative left a remarkable impression on us. This is yet another example of why Woodmizer is number “one” in the world of mobile sawmilling industries.

The meeting took place in a relaxed atmosphere, where we took few pictures, which we gladly share with you.

About the author: Dejan Klančar