Woodmizer LT20 presentation for member of Forestry forum

This is presentation of Mobilna žaga DAJK mobile saw type Woodmizer LT 20 for members of Forestry forum.  

Mobile saw was bought as new in 2016 in Slovenia (btw new first lady of USA Melania Trump is from Slovenia). Here is link to website post when we at Mobilna žaga DAJK  received mobile saw for the first time:

Prihod mobilne žage

and video of first sawing by me as owner (look how proud I am):

Prvo žaganje hlodovine na terenu z mobilno žago

Few words about Woodmizer LT20

Woodmizer LT20 is European version of mobile saw, which was designed in USA but it is build in Poland (Europe). Mobile saw is powered by 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine with 24HP, equipped with fully hydraulic system (actually hydraulic clamps and chain turner is missing) for manipulating with logs, programmable logic controller (PLC)  SW10, pre-cutter etc. As you will notice, Woodmizer LT20 can be compared to your more familiar LT35.

To get more familiar about Woodmuzer LT20 here is image gallery which was taken, when our mobile saw was “virgin” new.


About the author: Dejan Klančar